Research Areas:

It is an exciting time to be studying the evolutionary forces that shape genomic variation in natural populations. After almost a century as a theory-rich and data-poor discipline, rapidly advancing genomic technology is turning the intellectual dynamic in population genetics on end. Mounting data revealing the patterns of genomic variation among individuals and closely related taxa are challenging available analytic methods and demanding richer models of the underlying mechanisms. The research in this lab focuses on this revolutionary change in the scope of population genetic data and on the many opportunities to powerfully address genetic mechanisms and interactions in evolution.
  • Theoretical modeling of genetic and ecological mechanisms that shape the patterns of genomic polymorphism and divergence.
  • Empirical evolutionary population genomics of Drosophila and conifers.
  • Computational approaches to population genomic analysis.
  • Genomic sequencing.

Opportunities for research experience and training:

  • Undergraduates: internships, academic credit and employment in the lab.
  • Graduate students in either the Population Biology or Genetics Graduate Groups.
  • Postdoctoral research.